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Close to our heart

Innovation, sustainability, accountability, technology, emotional competence and glocal expertise have been at the heart of our business since its founding in 1977. For more than 40 years, we’ve let these values guide us through every business decision and relocation.


Innovation and continuous improvement

Innovation is our imperative, as well as a fundamental requirement in our on-going pursuit of business excellence. We provide simply the best solution in all relocation-related topics for each and every one of our customers (corporate accounts, transferees and partners) by implementing innovative services and processes. Every employee shares this spirit of sustainable innovation.


Packimpex adheres to clearly defined processes and regular certification renewals by independent auditors. The strive for business excellence is underlined by the following quality certifications:
ISO 9001: processes
ISO 14000: environment
ISO 27001 (in process): data protection
FAIM ISO: industry specific quality management


The FAIM ISO results are regularly benchmarked by Ernst & Young based on audits of 500 leading moving companies. Packimpex has always achieved amongst the highest scores worldwide.

Packimpex selects and retains partners based on their ability to deliver the highest quality service with terms and conditions that are advantageous to the customers. Our vendor management programme includes yearly quality assessments and regular face-to-face meetings with major partners.

We are convinced that our employees are not only key stakeholders in the company, but also fundamental drivers of excellence in service delivery. We are committed to investing substantial resources in the selection, retention and continuous development of our highly qualified and specialised employees.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback forms are sent at the conclusion of each relocation to measure quality and assess areas for improvement. In fact, all of our employees are updated regularly with the latest feedback so that they are aware of our customers’ experiences. Our on-going efforts to exceed customer expectations have enabled us to achieve a degree of excellence that is far above industry average.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development

We believe that by contributing significantly to sustainable development in the relocation solutions business, we also ensure our long-term commercial success. Packimpex is ISO 14001-certified, which underlines our commitment to an environmentally friendly business model. Through concrete actions, we want to highlight that there is a clear path for the future development of our industry where profits and principles go hand in hand. A constant analysis of processes throughout the value chain has enabled us to substantially reduce our carbon emissions over the last years.

After years of optimisation efforts, we are proud to announce that we have become one of the first, if not the first, in our industry to achieve CO2 neutrality.

Green energy

Packimpex has reduced the consumption of water and energy per capita in its offices and warehouses by an average of 5% annually over the past five years. Today, all energy requirements use hydraulic energy. Packimpex absorbs the surcharge in supplying itself with clean energy. At our headquarters in Berne, the oil heating system has been replaced by a sustainable heating system which is totally CO2 neutral.

On-going initiatives

Reusable packing materials are used and recycled wherever possible during the move process. A modern concept for disposing furniture from our rental programme at the end of its life cycle has also been developed. Workshops, target setting and a sensitive purchasing policy have also contributed to these achievements.

CO2 compensation

The remaining approximately 500 tons of CO2 that Packimpex still emits per year through its activities in Switzerland are compensated with a certified investment in CO2 compensation certificates. For international removals, without the contributions from our customers, it is currently impossible to provide the service with zero CO2 emissions. As a result, at Packimpex we offer our clients the possibility to compensate the estimated level of CO2 in their relocation by purchasing a CO2 compensation certificate. Each quotation includes the option to compensate the CO2 emissions generated from this specific removal – just like we see on air travel bookings for example.



Packimpex has state-of-the-art technology with all the features necessary to meet and exceed current data protection standards. This modern working environment contributes significantly to attracting and retaining talent in our industry as it permits remote working options that contribute to a healthy work-life balance. Our IT solutions and other technologies are continuously developed and enable us to increase our efficiency while adding greater stakeholder value.

Relox collaboration technology

Packimpex has developed Relox, the relocation collaboration technology tailored to facilitate corporate customers to maintain full control of their employees’ relocations. This collaborative platform enables corporate customers to focus on the needs of their transferees by providing crucial information at a glance. Relox results in a great overall relocation experience, and it provides HR professionals with more time to focus on what truly matters – building employee relationships.

Learn more about our Relox application

Tailored IT solutions

Flexible software solutions allow us to manage your relocations in a secure and efficient environment and to tailor our solutions to your needs. At Packimpex, we understand that you can only manage what you can measure. With our collaborative software, Relox, we can provide comprehensive customised reporting and give you and your transferees access to shipment updates and important documents.

Remote access

Convenient and rapid access to key information from all over the world is becoming increasingly important. With our remote access solutions we provide transparency, easy communication and real-time control of business processes for transferees and corporate HR.



At Packimpex, accountability is nurtured through a culture of individual responsibility paired with strong team spirit. All our employees understand that their work contributes to reaching our goals and exceeding customers’ expectations, making business success a reality. We embrace our responsibilities and honour our commitments of providing sustainable, tailor-made relocation solutions for partners and customers worldwide.

Emotional competence

Our employees’ emotional competence is enhanced through personal development opportunities at Packimpex. A high level of emotional competence allows us to respond precisely and professionally to individual requests, concerns and anxieties. We understand the importance of actively supporting the transition of our customers.

Glocal expertise

Glocal expertise

Glocal expertise is our strength and is an integral part of the service we offer our customers. At Packimpex, we deliver relocation solutions to a global customer base. As such, our employees rely on their international experience coupled with their local expertise to deliver a truly exceptional relocation experience.