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Your one-stop shop for corporate housing

Simplify your relocations and corporate housing solution by putting everything under one roof. We will allocate the right apartment to the right employee and manage the expenses for you. With Packimpex, you will have one contract and one consolidated bill from one provider instead of dealing with the hundreds of invoices that furnished apartments usually generate over the course of a year. With our innovative approach, you will avoid paying for unused furnished apartments while guaranteeing the required housing capacity. Our approach has proven to save our corporate clients a great deal of time and money.


Packimpex apartment pools: A two-category approach

Packimpex always works in your best interest. First, we will source and furnish a core pool of long-term apartments to meet your needs and accommodate your relocating employees. We will maximise the occupancy rate without sourcing more apartments than you need. On top of that, we’ll source third-party short-term apartments that can accommodate your employees when your core pool is fully occupied.

Our core apartment pool is comprised of apartments that we source directly from real estate agents or property owners according to your budget, size and location requirements. We furnish them with our own line of high-quality rental furniture. You save money because we aim for a 100% occupancy and you avoid paying the price premium that temporary accommodation providers usually charge. We constantly optimise this pool according to changing needs and forecasts. Because this pool belongs to you, the apartment rents are independent from market demand and the availability is guaranteed in the long run.

We then source furnished apartments for your extended apartment pool as necessary, when you are confronted with a short-term increase in the number of relocations. These apartments are all-inclusive rentals that include a markup to cover the servicing and the risk of vacancy that the providers bear. Due to this, short-term apartments are significantly higher priced than long-term apartments. However, as part of our two-category approach, the extended apartment pool is a critical component in helping avoid vacancies and therefore worth the extra cost. Packimpex has established relationships with the providers of furnished accommodation and knows their apartments. We will guide you and your employees to the options that give you the best value for money. We work with providers across the board and always remain neutral in our selection.

Relocation Services

Extended Apartment Pool

  • Sourced by Packimpex as a neutral broker of third party providers (best
    value for money)
  • Avoiding that you, the corporate customer, bear the cost of vacancy

Core Apartment Pool

  • Aiming for 100% occupancy
  • Low cost guarantee
  • Location suiting your specific requirements
  • Size and budget according to your specific requirements
  • The size of this pool is constantly optimised according to changing
    needs and forecasts
  • Sourced as empty apartments
  • Furnished by Packimpex

Our apartment pool concept

Relocation Services

Packimpex saves you money

Packimpex ensures that you save money by continuously optimising your apartment pool and avoiding unnecessary rental costs. Many companies believe that they need to keep the apartment management in-house if they want to avoid renting the often highly priced all-inclusive furnished apartments. Packimpex allows you to focus on your core business while handling your apartments. You can benefit from our know-how, IT infrastructure, clearly defined processes and extensive experience while enjoying the savings month after month.

Rental market development in Switzerland 2008-2018

Rental market development in Switzerland 2008-2018

Over the past 10 years:

  • The average rental price in Switzerland has increased by 10.5%
  • The reference interest rate decreased by 19.4%

If you have rented an apartment since 2008 for CHF 2,500 per month,

  • you avoided a rental price increase of CHF 2,620 over the past 10 years due to market demand
  • you profited from a price reduction worth CHF 4,840 based on the reference interest rate

The result: accumulated total savings of CHF 7,460 per apartment over 10 years

Sourcing corporate apartments

Sourcing corporate apartments

Source and furnish your apartments with Packimpex

Sound corporate apartment management can reduce the cost of extended hotel stays by up to 70%. Hotel solutions lack the comfort of a temporary home; a corporate apartment provides a win-win solution for the transferee and the employer.

  • Neutrality: We source apartments based on your requirements to create a customised apartment pool. We work independently with a range of local real estate agencies.
  • Network: Our established relationships with real estate companies give us access to properties that aren’t advertised on the market. This enables you to acquire the best apartments in terms of quality and price.
  • Flexibility: Your first long-term business traveller can stay in your furnished company apartments within two weeks of our first contact. If you ever want to change your management provider, you can continue using your apartment pool.
  • Established processes & infrastructure: Packimpex has well established processes and cutting-edge IT systems to set up apartment pools in a short timeframe. You don’t have to spend time setting up an expensive in-house operation.
  • In-house rental furniture: We source rental furniture directly from our in-house furniture department. This means we have immediate access to furniture and you don’t have to lease or purchase from a third party.
  • Long-standing experience: Packimpex sources 2,000 apartments every year and maintains long-standing relationships with real estate agencies. We’re familiar with not only the real estate agents, but the apartments as well.
  • Freedom from rent increases: Thanks to fixed rental contracts, your corporate apartments are unaffected by increases in rent prices caused by higher demand for living space.

Reservation management

Maximise your occupancy rate

From your company’s cost perspective, the aim is to reach the highest possible occupancy rate while keeping enough apartments to avoid the use of hotels. Using our extensive experience and know-how, Packimpex monitors the occupancy rate of your corporate housing pool and will help you maximise its potential.

  • Booking: We use customised, sophisticated IT systems to process apartment allocations. This enables you to get a real-time and easy-to-understand overview of the booking status of each apartment. It also allows us to keep you updated on your on-going relocations.
  • Occupancy: We constantly track and monitor the occupancy rates of your corporate housing so we can optimise the apartment pool, minimise vacancy costs and help you save money.
Expense management

Expense management

Packimpex helps keep expenses low

It is our aim to keep your costs as low as possible while helping you offer your relocating employees a comfortable place to stay while they are on assignment abroad. We do this by keeping services in-house – from repairs to rental furniture – and reviewing expenses to ensure you save money.

  • Cost controlling & benchmarking: We continually monitor and challenge the occurring costs and benchmark them based on our extensive database to ensure you pay fair and accurate prices for the services you use.
  • Purchasing power: We purchase large quantities of services and take advantage of our purchasing power to keep prices low and save money.
  • Cost checking: We avoid accepting costs that you would have to bear.
  • Expense monitoring: All expenses can be monitored online and in realtime. Data can be exported into Excel and analysed by our customers at any time. We work on a fully transparent basis.

Customised invoicing and reporting

Consolidate bills and access transparent reports

A furnished apartment that is handed over four times a year generates approximately 100 invoices. As your corporate housing partner, Packimpex can process, control and re-bill these expenses according to your requirements at a competitive, transparent rate.

  • Collective re-billing: We process all payments and re-bill them to you as a compressed invoice, which simplifies the payment process and reduces the number of individual bills you have to pay.
  • Cost breakdown: We adapt our invoicing to meet your specific requirements by re-billing costs to your different cost units.
  • Powerful reporting: Our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure enables us to report any costs and expenditures relating to your relocation in order to ensure proper cost tracking.
  • Transparent pricing: We follow an open-book policy with full audit transparency. Based on your needs, we offer an all-in-one flat rate per apartment or one-to-one re-billing with a flat service fee to ensure predictable and steady costs, minimise vacancy costs.

Case studies: Which service meets your needs?

Benefitting from Packimpex’s full service for 400 corporate apartments

A large company with regularly relocating employees needed to establish an apartment pool to accommodate long- and short-term stays across Switzerland. With Packimpex’s support, the company now has 400 corporate apartments in different cities throughout the country; 300 are long-term apartments – furnished by Packimpex – for local hires, expats and trainees, and 100 are short-term apartments available on the market depending on the customer’s needs. Packimpex operates a 24-hour emergency hotline for these apartments and manages field runners who carry out repairs. We constantly monitor the size of the apartment pool, source and furnish new apartments as needed, and terminate contracts for apartments that are no longer required or no longer fit into the customer’s strategy. Packimpex executes the reservation/apartment allocation based on the transferees’ needs and also serves as the company’s one-stop shop for relocations by providing moving and destination services. We handle the expense management, which includes tracking costs, compressed re-billing and submitting invoices to the company’s specified cost centres. Additionally, Packimpex provides the client with detailed cost tracking based on every relocation and booking in order to establish a transparent overview of rent, furniture, utilities and service subscription costs.

A pool of corporate apartments for 40 employees

For a perennial project, an international company needed to relocate 30-40 employees to Solothurn on a recurring basis. The issues they faced had to do with the hotel stays: the hotel was too expensive and there weren’t enough rooms available to house all the transferees. Within two months, we established a housing pool 57 rooms – furnished by Packimpex – in 22 apartments located in three different locations across the Solothurn area. Packimpex managed the booking for approximately 10 tenant changes per week, including organising the cleaning and handover. We successfully handled short-notice arrivals and sourced additional apartments to meet the company’s short-term needs.

Long-term corporate housing in Zurich

For an important long-term project in Zurich, a large company was confronted with about 40 relocations to Switzerland. The transferees would stay in Switzerland for at least three years. Packimpex established corporate housing for this client with customised services that catered to the unique needs of the business and the transferees. Previously, the company housed its transferees in furnished apartments all over the city. With the new solution proposed by Packimpex, the company saved money and its employees were housed in the same building. We sourced 19 apartments with 40 rooms furnished with pieces from our in-house collection. On behalf of the company, we managed approximately 40-50 tenant changes per month, including organising the cleaning and handover. We also successfully handled short-notice arrivals.

Leveraging Packimpex’s home search service

A global corporation planned to send 15 employees to Lausanne for a six-month project. The business used Packimpex’s home search service to find 15 furnished apartments in the same building. Furthermore, they were able to rent the apartments at special rates. The corporation saved time and money and appreciated the added value of housing all employees on the same property.