Focused on the future: Packimpex managers discuss and develop new strategies to enhance service offerings

by Packimpex on 29 August 2019

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Keynote speaker, workshopping and brainstorming at the headquarters in Thörishaus

Yesterday, Packimpex CEO Damian Aebischer welcomed Packimpex managers to the business headquarters for an afternoon of future-focused strategizing, inspiring speeches and brainstorming.

The management meeting began Wednesday afternoon with a warm welcome by our chairman Marcel Jörg and short business updates from Packimpex departments.

Chatbot expert Sophie Hundertmark gave a keynote speech about how chatbots can be a game-changer for businesses centred on customer service. Her insight into the ways AI-powered digitalization is transforming nearly every industry, including global mobility, was the perfect segue into the brainstorming session and workshop focused on creating strategies for the future of Packimpex.

Packimpex’s Innovation Accelerator Maria Matkowska led the managers through a workshop on future customer needs, which sparked collaborations between departments and provided opportunities to combine forces and work together.

“Our management meeting was a big success, not only because of the many eye-opening discussions that took place, but also because of the opportunity for all of us to gain useful insight from Sophie and get on the same page about where our company is heading”, Packimpex CEO Damian Aebischer said.

Following the keynote speech and workshop, attendees met at the Hotel Bad Muntelier by the Lake of Murten for an apéro and dinner. The dinner provided the managers with an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas in a more casual setting.

Damian added: “I am sure that after the meeting yesterday, all of us are looking forward to gathering our teams and putting these ideas into action”.