7 reasons why Packimpex is a trusted relocation provider

by Packimpex on 4 March 2022

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What does it take to be a trusted relocation provider in today’s fully digital world? If you ask seasoned relocation experts, they’ll say it’s all about empathy. But there’s a growing voice in our industry advocating a fully digital experience. After all, the entire world has undergone an unprecedented digital transformation.

Our stance is for balance: whilst automation and machine learning are critical to our industry’s evolution, we firmly believe that local expertise and empathy remain the number one priority for any relocation provider aiming to deliver excellent service.

When you coordinate transfers from afar, as a relocation management company or a corporate HR, the digital capabilities of your local Destination Services provider are crucial. But more than API compatibility, you also need to know that transferees have someone they can depend on at their destination. You need someone to help them find a home and integrate into the local culture. That’s why the local personal touch is more important than ever.

In 2021, despite the pandemic, we’ve reached our highest customer satisfaction score to date: 98% of our clients are happy with our service. Thanks to this all-time-high score, we’re thrilled to have received no less than three awards recognizing the quality of our service. This recognition fills us with pride but we’re well aware that it’s the result of decade-old efforts. It’s also owed to a phenomenal team, that continues to grow.

On our path to becoming a trusted relocation provider, we’ve singled out seven elements that are mostly responsible for our success and we want to share them with you.

1. Outstanding  customer satisfaction – backed-by-numbers

Packimpex has 4.6 out of 5 stars standardised rating based on 3000+ recent reviews. Our net promoter score of 74.1% and the 98% of our clients who say that they are happy with our service are extra proof that our human-led approach enhanced by leading digital tech is exactly what transferees and corporate customers want.

Recently, the BGRS Silver Award for ‘’Outstanding Performance’’ was added to our trophy case, as well as the coveted ‘’Legendary Provider Award’’ from Weichert. Another award from Aires includes Packimpex in the “Aires Circle of Excellence”, showing once again that excellent service is the first pre-requisite of a trusted relocation partner.

We constantly measure customer satisfaction metrics because they are the true indicators of our performance. More than the annual revenue, the company growth, and the number of relocations handled, customer satisfaction levels tell us if we are on the right path or not.

2. Local experts delivering a digital assignee experience

We rely on technology to enhance the relocation experience, but we always blend it with  the human touch to optimize it for each individual. All our digital solutions are crafted after extensive research and surveys on what our clients want and need and have visible benefits for all our diverse types of clients, from assignees to corporates and Relocation Management Companies.

What’s essential here is that the Packimpex digital experience is always led by a local expert who knows the ins and outs of every transferee’s destination.

Our bespoke Relox collaboration platform is available for all our corporate business partners. Since its launch, it has already proven itself to be a major cost- and time-saver especially for companies who usually have to handle multiple projects in different countries at the same time. Let’s see how it works:

Relox for HR Professionals

Relox provides an efficient overview of all relocations and simplifies workloads with better reporting tools, all documentation in one place, and direct interaction with all stakeholders. It also allows for secure document uploading and costs/expense monitoring. Relox results in a great overall relocation experience, and it provides HR/Global Mobility professionals with more time to focus on what truly matters – building employee relationships.

Relox for Transferees

This platform allows transferees to easily drag and drop property listings they find on housing market platforms. Relocation consultants can do the same. Both transferee and relocation consultant can comment and chat on the platform and set appointments for viewings. When a property is added, an e-mail alert is sent to all parties. This tool doesn’t mean the transferee needs to do the work, but it allows them to take more ownership if they like or simply view objects that their consultant adds prior to their viewings.

Full API connectivity for relocation management companies (RMCs)

The Packimpex digital services ensure full API connectivity between our platforms and those of our RMC partners. We provide a single API connection in all the countries where Packimpex is present, which translates into immediate cost savings. Better yet, since our platform covers multiple markets, the entire process becomes more efficient. Reporting and account management are always under the same digital roof, giving you easier access to consolidated reports and insights across projects.

3. Strategic thinking: a single relocation partner in seven European countries

Looking after a huge network of suppliers is time consuming and effort draining, as any experienced Supply Chain Manager will tell you. Packimpex makes this easier. Thanks to our presence in seven European countries, we reduce the time and effort spent managing various suppliers. This means a single point of contact for all countries (if needed), fewer reports, fewer monthly calls, fewer quarterly and annual business reviews.

Packimpex handles 5000+ relocations each year using this process that was perfected and improved upon during more than four decades of experience in the relocation industry. This process is always seamless across the seven European countries we cover: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

4. CO2-neutral since 2011

A focal point of our ethical core and mission statement is caring for the environment. We take this very seriously, as proven by our ISO certification and the fact that we were the first in our industry to be certified CO2-neutral.

We are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment. From our involvement in various carbon offsetting projects in South Africa, Mali, Turkey, and India to investing in a fleet of electrical vehicles for our employees, we keep on coming up with new ways to offset our carbon footprint.

5. Financial sustainability and strength

Packimpex is Europe’s market leader in relocation services and has been operating since 1977. Our annual revenue comes from large corporate accounts, as well as from a multitude of smaller clients. It’s a tough balance to strike, because companies of different sizes have different needs. But we were able to keep this balance by staying focused on a single thing every time: our clients’ needs.

Combined with the vision of a stable, long-term oriented company, our flexibility helps us to ensure and develop sustainable mobility solutions that add real value to our customer base.

6. ISO certifications

We are always proud when our efforts are recognized by third-party, unbiased, international bodies. Some of the certifications we have received during the last few years are:

  • ISO 9001, a great achievement that reveals the quality of the services we offer and our dedication to excellence.
  • ISO 14001, in recognition of our environmentally-friendly
  • ISO 27001, to attest that we take our clients’ data security very seriously and that our internal practices are always updated and upgraded in accordance with the highest international standards.

7. Part of international communities

We value networking and are constantly in touch with fellow relocation companies. Here are some of the international communities we’re proud to be part of:

Are you looking for a trusted relocation partner?

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