A year in review: Packimpex’s triple-award-winning customer service

by Packimpex on 13 January 2022

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2021 was certainly a year to remember despite the turbulence and the challenge that it brought organisations across all industries. Nevertheless, we prevailed! Aside from helping thousands of individuals relocate to and from our markets of Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK, our highlights included winning three prestigious relocation industry awards:


  • the BGRS Silver Award for “Outstanding Performance”
  • invitation to Aires “Circle of Excellence”
  • Weicherts “legendary Service Provider” award


“In 2021, 98% of our transferees have said they were happy with our service, and we received several industry awards for our high scores in customer satisfaction”, says Packimpex CEO Damian Aebischer. “In such challenging times, these are the clear reasons why we are so proud of our people and why relocation is personal for us all at Packimpex. So I am extremely proud of the 150 strong team we have working across five European countries, delivering relocation services safely and sensitively”.

Three relocation industry awards in 2021

At the BGRS “Momentum Virtual Experience” forum in October, Packimpex was recognised with a Silver Award in the “Outstanding Performance” category. The award is a result of dedicated team effort and a reward for the hard work everyone at Packimpex puts into the BGRS moves. This is an incredible achievement in an extremely competitive category that focuses purely on excellence in service delivery. For all our customers and partners, it highlights our continued commitment to service quality as we blend state-of-the-art technology with a human touch, tailoring each relocation to the individuals’ unique needs.


The “Legendary Service Provider” award from Weichert Workforce Mobility was presented to only five companies around the world – one of which was Packimpex. This award recognises Weichert partners who provide outstanding service to their clients and their assignees.


Aires, another leading global relocation management company, included Packimpex in the Aires Circle of Excellence, with a 90.90% score. In their own words: “As a preferred and strategic partner to Aires, this means that you and your organization have consistently performed at or above our expectations and we are grateful for your commitment to our partnership”.


The new year is already well underway and we remain focused on delivering award-winning service. Though we appreciate the recognition from our fellow industry leaders, it’s our customers who are at the heart of everything we do and their satisfaction is our number one priority.