Breaking down the Packimpex Swiss Housing Market 2019

by Packimpex on 22 May 2019

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A closer look at the methodology and key findings

One of the most helpful features of the Packimpex Swiss Housing Market Report 2019, launched on 18 May, is the Packimpex Regional Housing Cost Comparison. This tool aims to clarify the Swiss residential property market and at the same time provides insight into the local markets of all of Switzerland’s metropolitan areas.

In the report, which you can download for free, Packimpex presents price scaling and monthly rental costs related to furnished and unfurnished apartments. This data is based on our consultants’ extensive experience and feedback. We chose to rely on their first-hand accounts because they work with transferees, expats and local hires across the country and they are uniquely aware of what these individuals and their families look for in housing and what becomes a priority when dealing with a specified relocation allowance.

Additionally, we have used new data from Wüest Partner AG and this information rounded off our own to provide readers with a reliable, broad picture.

The price scaling takes into account size, location, amenities and quality of the apartment; and for furnished properties, if they come with cleaning and maintenance services.

This is what our key findings showed:

  • We suggest using the information in the “high” section of the pricing scales as a guideline to setting up a compensation policy that take into account transferees’ expectations, seniority and family situation. What we discovered in our research is that in most cases, relocation allowances do not include enough for transferees to secure a rental apartment that is in the city centre and near the amenities they appreciate and require, such as international schools for their children, an attractive and high-quality living space, a community of other expats, or resources that will help them get settled and feel “at home”.
  • When looking for less-expensive alternatives to Zurich and Geneva, we suggest looking at smaller and slightly more remote cities such as Fribourg, Solothurn, Winterthur and St. Gallen. However, the transferees’ willingness to commute to your business’ offices or the availability of international schools for their children should also be taken into account.
  • Though ideal options for transferees, furnished rental properties are not available throughout Switzerland because there is not enough demand. Corporate apartments would be an appropriate solution in this case.
  • Another finding related to furnished rental properties is that in some regions, prices can fluctuate depending on the time of year. As with the previous finding, we suggest a pool of corporate apartments for your business in order to avoid these fluctuations.

According to our findings and data, we have ranked each city on a scale from one to 10, with one being the lowest housing costs and 10 the highest (based on a typical unfurnished, three-bedroom rental property and a typical furnished apartment).

10. Zurich
9. Geneva
8. Zug
7. Lausanne
6. Bern, Lucerne, Lugano, Vevey

For the rest of the rankings, we invite you to download the free Packimpex Swiss Housing Market Report 2019.

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