Comprehensive destination services for groups of relocating employees

by Packimpex on 11 November 2018

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Whether you’re moving a team, a department or your whole company to Switzerland, Packimpex can help

Packimpex understands that sometimes a move to Switzerland can involve relocating a business unit, or even a global headquarters. Over the years, Packimpex has supported business leaders and HR professionals tasked with handling these complex and confidential projects. We have gained extensive knowledge and unique expertise through successfully completing many of the largest moves Switzerland has seen in the last decade.

The experts that make up our destination services team offer detailed consulting, project planning, and internal marketing to ensure the relocation achieves the company’s goals. For some companies, this could be a high acceptance ratio, whereas for others it is more critical to facilitate the transition of certain key positions.

Packimpex offers end-to-end support for group moves of any size, including services ranging from immigration, destination, temporary living, moving services, and much more. Our unique software system, Relox, can help you keep track of the relocation journey for each of your transferring employees and manage project costs.

When you outsource your group move to Packimpex, the result will be a positive and professional experience from start to finish.

Contact us if you’d like to arrange a confidential consultation or to review our references from leading corporations who have arranged group moves to Switzerland.

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