Congratulations on completing the apprenticeship

by Packimpex on 29 July 2022

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We congratulate Mouad Rahali on completing his apprenticeship as “Kaufmann EFZ mit Berufsmaturität”. We are delighted about Mouad’s success, as the apprenticeship required a lot of motivation, effort, and flexibility. A little insight into Mouad’s apprenticeship:

Can you tell us a little bit about what you did as part of your Kaufmann EFZ apprenticeship at Packimpex?

I worked in 3 departments: Accounting, Temporary Furniture and Moving. I gained insights into the different departments and got to know the various tasks.

Can you tell us about a project or a task that you handled during your apprenticeship and that you liked?

I liked organising the import customs clearances. The customs clearance process was interesting and impressive. I have learned which documents one has to provide to customs to import used household goods.

What would you say are some of your favourite memories from your time so far at Packimpex?

My highlight was the good teamwork we had within the team. I also keep good memories from our team events.

What advice would you give to a new apprentice starting at Packimpex?

I would say that the person should try and find a balance between work, school and personal time, especially if the person considers to do the apprenticeship coupled with the Berufsmaturität. Additionally, I would advise to not be scared of the what is to come but rather enjoy the now.