Congratulations on completing the apprenticeship

by Packimpex on 21 July 2021

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We congratulate Allen Renacia on completing his apprenticeship as “Kaufmann EFZ”. We are delighted about Allen’s success, as the last few months of the apprenticeship was impacted by the Corona-Pandemic, which required a lot of motivation, effort, and flexibility. We are very pleased that Allen will continue to support us as a talented Move Manager. A little insight into Allen’s apprenticeship:


Can you tell us a little bit about what you did as part of your Kaufmann EFZ apprenticeship at Packimpex?

In the beginning of my apprenticeship, it was like a new world for me, a new chapter of my life. I thought that it would take a long time to get my apprenticeship certificate, but now it feels like it was just last month since I started my apprenticeship. I did a lot of things, a lot of administrative tasks. I learned a lot, which will help me in my future, for example, to communicate professionally in English. There are so many abbreviations in the professional world that you have to learn. I have not only learned new things at work but also at business school. I am very happy to complete my apprenticeship at Packimpex.

Can you tell us about a project or a task that you handled during your apprenticeship and that you liked?

I liked all my tasks, during this apprenticeship. They were all very diverse. Towards the end of my apprenticeship, I was in the International Moving Department. Here, I find it exciting to manage diverse international moves and to see, from where the people move and to which destination they go. To be a Move Manager means a lot to me. To manage a move is a big responsibility, which only a Move Manager understands. Our task is to make sure the move runs smoothly. Every day I learn something new. For me, building a relationship with the client, is something beautiful.

What would you say are some of your favorite memories from your time so far at Packimpex?

My favorite memories were my holidays … just kidding. The best moments in my apprenticeship were with my colleagues. The atmosphere in the office is always great. We have many fun moments at work. I cannot imagine my work without my witty colleagues.

What advice would you give to a new apprentice starting at Packimpex?

It is very important to not take the things that happen on the job personally, especially in the Moving department. If the customer reacts aggressively to a bad message, do not take it personally. It will be hard at first, as it was for me, but this is part of your work life. The same goes if one makes a mistake at work. It’s apprenticeship, you are learning something new. So it is human to make mistakes. It will be a fun and amazing time!

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