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by Packimpex on 3 October 2022

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[Bern, Switzerland – October 2022]: Packimpex is excited to announce the launch of our operations in Ireland. Our newest office in Dublin will be led by experienced industry colleague David Gilmartin, GMS MIM. Packimpex now provides destination and immigration services, furniture rental and corporate housing across seven European countries: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK.

It is the Packimpex mission to reshape local relocation support across Europe. And Ireland is one of Europe’s key relocation markets.

We are delighted to be bringing the Packimpex vision, innovation and our complete dedication to top customer service into this new market.

Joining and managing the office in Dublin is David Gilmartin, GMS MIM a well-known industry expert with over 15 years of relocation experience. Our specialists in the Irish market – David Gilmartin and his team – truly understand the needs of international communities and can provide the best possible customer service with that personal, local touch that makes such a difference to the employee experience.

“We’re excited about opening an office in Dublin as this further enhances Packimpex’s ability to ensure a smooth relocation process for all clients to another key European city. The Irish market is one of the most dynamic in Europe, and we are convinced that our competitive and innovative service offerings will help address the increasing customer demand for technology and legal compliance” said Packimpex CEO, Damian Aebischer. “David [Gilmartin] is a renowned relocation professional, whose wealth of experience will benefit existing and future customers alike.”

About Packimpex

Packimpex has been supporting individuals and organizations with relocations to and from Europe for over 45 years, covering the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK. We offer tailored relocation solutions for the future international workforce and are focused on superior customer experience. Our team of relocation experts have extensive global knowledge paired with on-the-ground expertise in their regions. Our full range of relocation services includes Destination Services, Housing Support, Rental Furniture and Immigration Services.

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