Expert rental contract review before you sign

by Packimpex on 15 May 2020

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Let a Packimpex expert review the lease of your rental home or apartment

Rental contracts in Switzerland are comprehensive, but also intimidating for anyone unfamiliar with Swiss rental terms and conditions. Additionally, most rental contracts in Switzerland are non-negotiable and written in the local language.

With Packimpex’s lease review service, our property experts will assess your rental contract to ensure there are no red flags. With this support, you will:

  • understand tenant rights and obligations
  • discover any potential pitfalls or suspicious clauses that are not in line with standard practice

To take advantage of Packimpex’s lease review service, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact our sales advisor
  2. Book the service
  3. Send us the rental contract
  4. Packimpex will get back to you with feedback in 2-3 business days
  5. A Packimpex property expert will call you and explain the main information and terms in the contract. This call will take about 30 minutes.
  6. Express service is also available if you need feedback within one business day. Be sure to select this option when making the booking.


Keep in mind that most rental contracts in Switzerland are non-negotiable. It is in your best interest to understand every aspect before you sign. Packimpex is here to help!


About Packimpex

With more than 40 years of relocation experience, Packimpex is Switzerland’s relocation market leader and the most awarded international moving company. In the last 10 years alone, Packimpex’s relocation experts have helped over 20,000 corporate and private customers move to and from Switzerland. In fact, over 60 of the Top 100 Swiss companies trust Packimpex with housing their key executives.

Our company is a highly trusted name in the Swiss housing market and our relocation consultants have established reliable relationships with local real estate agencies and landlords. Not only do our relocation consultants eliminate language barriers, but they help you and your transferees rise above the competition when it comes to securing a proper rental accommodation. Packimpex is your one-stop-shop for smooth and stress-free relocations.