How Packimpex became a leading European relocation company (and what this means for you)

by Packimpex on 17 February 2022

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More than 40 years ago, Packimpex was a small European household goods moving company based in Switzerland. Today, we’re a relocation services provider active in five European countries and serving clients from around the world. Our European expansion began a number of years ago and our partners have already started to see major benefits. Join us as we uncover the rationale behind our expansion and its key moments, plus a behind-the-scenes look at our upcoming plans.

Why should you work with a multi-national European relocation company?

Europe Locations PackimpexHandling multi-country relocation projects is a major logistical and administrative problem for large corporate HR managers, Relocation Management Companies (RMCs), and companies of all sizes. For starters, you need to find suppliers in every country. Moreover, when the country is culturally diverse and administratively fragmented (like Switzerland or Belgium, for instance), you might need multiple partners because of regional variances.

This is extremely time-consuming and therefore expensive. As a leading European relocation company, Packimpex has mitigated all these risks for its partners, who now have a single point of contact for all their transfers in every country.


A single point of contact means a more streamlined process, central invoicing and overview on service spending/reporting. It also means smoother processes. When you coordinate everything with a single person, you can better control every aspect of a complex relocation project.

Our partners and customers are happier. Their transferees get settled in to their new lives and jobs faster, and they are better equipped to immerse in the local culture as soon as they land.

These are the main reasons why in the past few years we were so focused on our expansion. We knew that being a European relocation company covering several key countries would empower us to offer you better services.

Our journey so far:

From a small family business in Switzerland to a leading European relocation company

Ernst JoergIn 1977, Ernst Jörg, founded Packimpex which back then had offices and household goods warehouses in Bern and Geneva. The family-owned company quickly expanded to several offices in Switzerland and grew steadily in the next two decades.

By 2007, Packimpex already had locations in Basel, Berne, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Neuchâtel, Vevey, Zug and Zurich, offering our clients full coverage of Switzerland. This was only the beginning.

Relocation services with a local and personal touch in Belgium

Eléonore van RijckevorselThe first country outside of Switzerland where we offered our relocation services was Belgium, when in 2017 we acquired the relocation arm of Gosselin Mobility NV and thereby founding Packimpex Belgium.

In 2020 Packimpex further strengthened its position in Belgium by acquiring Bright Expats SRL, a leading relocation provider in the country. Nestled at the very heart of the European Union, Packimpex Belgium is uniquely positioned to enhance our position as a leading European relocation company. Our new family member, Bright Expats, is a well-respected local company, with strong values that match Packimpex’s and an equally firm commitment to offering excellent services. From relocation and immigration to housing and permit assistance, you will find our full range of relocation services at Packimpex Belgium.

Need help with relocation to or from Belgium? Our savvy colleagues with local and global experience are just a click away.


Packimpex opens in Germany

Julia Meidenstein

In 2019 Packimpex bought local company and long-time ally UTS Relocation and we started offering our tailored relocation services from this new hub in Frankfurt. Soon after, we launched our Germany website to better cater to our local partners and clients in Germany.

Julia Meidenstein, our Head of Operations and “Local Hero” runs Packimpex Germany.

Interested about relocations to or from Germany? Work with a leading European  relocation company! Start with a free, no-obligations guidance call to learn more about how we can help you.


Next, the Netherlands

Dimitri PenningsThe new Packimpex office in Amsterdam opened in the second quarter of 2021. Our Dutch hub is run by COO Alistair Murray and Dutch relocation expert Dimitri Pennings. Dimitri’s career in relocation spans over more than 15 years. Joining a leading European relocation company was the next logical step for him.

We are thrilled to have Dimitri on our team, leading our newest market. We know that his experience and his local expertise are invaluable. Packimpex Netherlands also offers the full Packimpex range of services and, just like all our branches, benefits from constant support from our international team.

Need relocation services with a local touch in the Netherlands? Our colleagues in Amsterdam are looking forward to hearing from you!


Packimpex comes to the UK

Dimitri PenningsIn summer 2021 we opened in the UK, one of the world’s most important expat destinations.
Through our UK branch, we offer local relocation solutions with local expertise. Highly respected relocation expert and Packimpex COO Alistair Murray runs Packimpex UK. His years of experience in the relocation industry and his unparalleled local expertise enhance Packimpex’s ability to offer a smooth relocation process in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Get in touch with our UK relocation experts here and learn what how a pan-European relocation company with a strong UK footprint can ensure seamless moves for your transferees.

What’s next for Packimpex?

In the upcoming years, we will continue to add local coverage of further European countries, focusing on Western Europe. Our aim is to be present in key areas of Europe with our unique mix of global overview, leading technology, local knowledge and personal touch. You can count on us to deliver true local expertise at local level.

As a European relocation company, Packimpex offers turnkey services for every stage of the relocation process: Destination Services, Housing Support, Rental Furniture, Immigration Services and Move Management.

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