Key benefits of using a relocation provider

by Packimpex on 29 June 2022

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Why use a relocation provider? Relocating global talent sounds fairly simple on paper: sign the contract, buy them a plane ticket, maybe solve some immigration issues and provide support with moving and housing, then sit back and look forward for what they have to bring to your company. But if you’re a Global Mobility professional or if you’ve handled international relocations before, you know that it’s never this simple, nor is it easy. 

International relocations involve far more than bringing the transferee to your city, along with their luggage. Relocation support, along with all the administrative hurdles that come with settling in a foreign employee may take a lot more of your time and your budget than you’ve initially bargained for. 

If relocation is not your core competence, it’s always faster, easier, and more affordable to work with a relocation company. Here’s why: 

7 benefits of using a professional relocation provider 

Relocations are always a source of stress and uneasiness for the transferee and for the HR manager handling their transfer. From paperwork and housing to helping your new employee find a school for their children, you’ve got a lot on your HR plate. But you don’t have to handle it alone. 

Working with a relocation provider means that:

1. You don’t have to worry about the legal aspects of the relocation

Is your candidate eligible for a visa in the destination country? If so, how long does it take to obtain it and what is the paperwork you have to submit? Can they bring their family? What about the work permit? Do they need one and, if so, what is the maximum duration it can be issued for? 

Not sure how to answer all of these questions? We get it. 

There is no definitive answer. They all depend on where your headquarters are AND on your transferee’s country of origin. If you want to transfer more people from different countries, things will get even murkier. 

However, a relocation provider knows all of these answers. Better yet, they know how to ensure that each of your transfers is not only compliant, but also settled in as fast as possible. 

When working with companies who used to handle relocations internally, one of the most common hurdles they mentioned was that the transfer was often prolonged indefinitely and unnecessarily. A visa issue here, a work permit there added up to months of delays and a lot of plane tickets exchanged or completely wasted. 

Read more about legal and compliance requirements in global mobility here.

2. Your transferee will be assisted by a relocation expert with extensive local knowledge

Getting your transferee to their destination is only half of the battle. Before they can focus exclusively on their work, they will need help with so many settling-in issues.  

Which neighbourhood should I move to? Which insurer should I get? Does that Telco provider have reliable internet at that location? You’ll receive dozens of similar questions from all your new international hires. 

And, even if you have the right knowledge and the experience, answering them will take a lot of your time. Plus, if you live in a big city, you may not have all the information your transferees needs about the housing market or about every neighbourhood they may be interested in. 

A relocation provider, on the other hand, does. They know the ins and outs of the destination, and they can advise your transferee on every little aspect that may hamper their relocation. 

At Packimpex, for instance, we tackle all the big questions listed above. But we also know that starting a new life means more than finding a comfortable home with fast internet. So we make sure that your transferees get all the information they need that has an impact on how they will feel in their new home: great restaurants in the area, suitable fitness studios, whether or not there are expat meetings in their area, how they can learn the local language faster, and so on. 

Curious to learn how else we can support your organisation’s relocation processes? Request a call-back and one of our consultants will reach out for a free consultation call!

3. Budgeting is more predictable

During an international relocation, expenses add up quickly. When you work with a relocation provider, you don’t have these kinds of surprises. A relocation provider has been through this entire process thousands of times, so they know exactly how to manage relocation budgets. Thanks to their expertise, you’ll know exactly what amounts to lay down in your relocation policy, what’s best to cover and what not, how large the housing or the education allowance should be, and so on.

4. You’ll work with a single provider

When you relocate employees on your own, your agenda suddenly fills up with a lot of new names: a few real estate agents, airport transfer company representatives, lawyers to help you with the legal and compliance aspects, and so on. 

Yes, it can be a roller coaster. 

Unless you work with someone who handles all of these aspects in a unified manner. If you work with the right relocation provider, all you’ll add is one new phone number and email address. Your account manager will coordinate all the providers for you, leaving you free to handle your core business instead of booking airport transfers and house viewings.

5. You get expert advice on building your own relocation policy


What should you include in the relocation package, aside from a competitive salary? Should you pay for your transferee’s rent? If so, for how long? What about their health insurance? 

There are a million similar questions to answer before you can create a competitive and budget-friendly relocation policy. We know this because we’ve helped create hundreds of them for clients all over the world. 

The current talent shortage affects every industry. We are now in the middle of a 16-year high of global talent shortage, so your relocation packages have to be extremely compelling. 

A relocation provider like Packimpex can help you create an attractive relocation package that meets your budget constraints and helps you hire the talent you need quickly. This takes us to our next point.

6. You can attract and retain global talent easier

When your relocation policy is expertly created, your potential employees will know that you care for their wellbeing. They know they will always have the support they need. 

Relocation is challenging, so your company’s support should mean more than a competitive salary. In a climate where global talent is hard to find, you need to differentiate your employer branding with end-to-end relocation solutions. 

Moreover, your relocation provider can be involved early in the recruitment process. They can talk to your candidates and manage their expectations about their destination. This way, you’ll have more indicators that your candidate is the right fit for your company and for your city. By avoiding culture shocks as much as possible, you will hire talents that will stay with your company for longer. 

7. You save money in the long run

Working with a single provider means less overhead. A clear relocation policy means you’ll have fewer unexpected expenses. Similarly, working with a relocation expert takes other unexpected costs and delays off the table. 

All in all, this means that you can save both time and money. At the same time, you and your transferee will enjoy a seamless experience.

All the relocation technology you need, without a massive investment

To monitor thousands of relocations on a yearly basis, a relocation provider needs top notch tech in place. There are immigration documents that need to be submitted at the right point in time, visas that need to be issued and based on that, home viewings to be scheduled. One missed step, one small delay and your budgets will suffer.  

A good relocation provider will have good tech solutions in place that will allow you and your transferees to know exactly what needs to be done and when, so that their relocations go smoothly. 

At Packimpex, our digital solutions empower you to manage any move from anywhere in the world. With Relox, you have constant access to your transferee’s journey and your expenses.  

Similarly, your transferees can communicate with their relocation advisor anytime and get all the information they need from our web platform and mobile app. You and your transferees will get a seamless experience throughout the relocation journey and all the support you need. 

Final thoughts

Packimpex has been in the relocation industry for more than 45 years. Throughout this time, we have perfected an end-to-end process that empowers companies of all sizes to tackle relocations easier and with far less stress than if they would do it by themselves. Whether you’re moving one employee per year or 100, you’ll get the support you need from top experts in the relocation industry. 

Talk to a relocation consultant in your area to learn more.