Packimpex launches the Swiss Housing Market Report 2019

by Packimpex on 18 April 2019

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Data, insights and forecasts to help businesses assess their housing allowances for transferees

For companies who are relocating individuals, teams, departments or their entire business to Switzerland, ensuring that their employees are happy in their new home is vital to the overall success of the move. One way to ensure their happiness is to help them secure a house or apartment that meets their needs in terms of location as well as community and nearby amenities. The Packimpex Swiss Housing Market Report 2019 consolidates all the data regarding rental properties and rental prices to help you assess your housing allowances and the options you provide transferees.

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What is in the report

In this report, we outline key findings in the executive summary and these highlights give you an overview of our main discoveries and what this means for your business and the employees you are relocating. The data and overviews presented in this report are based on figures that Packimpex has collected in sourcing homes for thousands of transferees annually. We have also compiled information about furnished apartments, corporate housing, and corporate apartments. This data has been combined with that of Wüest Partner AG to give a broad picture from which your business can benefit.

The report covers trends for furnished and unfurnished properties in Switzerland’s main regions – from main cities such as Zurich and Geneva, to lesser-known locations including Solothurn, Winterthur and Neuchâtel. We have created a table of average monthly rental prices per size and per region, and our innovative Packimpex Regional Housing Cost Comparison provides key insights into the current state of each local property market. By analysing specific variables and factoring geographical location, transportation connections and available housing, we have determined the affordability of each property market and assigned it a ranking based on a scale of one to ten.

Packimpex Ltd. CEO Damian Aebischer says: “With this first edition of the Swiss Housing Market Report, we present data, observations and information that will allow you to improve the way your company executes international relocations for your employees and their families. We hope that you will find this an easy-to-use guide when budgeting your employees’ relocations to Switzerland or planning your company’s future in this country”.

How the report is organised

This report is organised by region. Each chapter includes an overview of the main city, price scaling, monthly rental costs for furnished and unfurnished apartments and our Regional Housing Cost Comparison. It also contains projections of future inventory availability and outlines the most popular places to live for transferees in each area. Our consultants provided inside knowledge on specific neighbourhoods and areas that are particularly popular and suitable for international transferees. The ease of finding suitable rental properties varies considerably from region to region depending on how much space your transferees would like and what they consider to be “essential” features.

How you can use the report

The details, overviews and cost comparisons available in this report will allow you to consider Swiss cities objectively when you are planning relocations. We suggest using this report to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Swiss housing market and using this knowledge to maximise the success rate of your transferees’ relocations by establishing relevant housing allowances that place them in cities that offer them everything they need to feel at home from day one.

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Who to contact for more information

If you have questions about the information in the Packimpex Swiss Housing Market Report 2019 or would like more information about our corporate apartment or rental furniture services, you can reach us at:
+41 58 356 14 14