Packimpex Ltd. helps employees advance professionally and personally with Bridge

by Packimpex on 1 March 2019

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The new e-learning platform allows employees to complete trainings when and where they want

In February, Packimpex Ltd. introduced employees to Bridge, a new learning management system that makes it possible for them to complete courses and trainings, attend webinars, and earn certifications whenever and wherever it works for them.

In a video that was shared with all employees, Packimpex Ltd. CEO Damian Aebischer said: “I truly believe that providing employees with continuous opportunities for improvement and growth elevates our entire business. Their success is the company’s success, and that’s the employees-first mindset that will play an even more important role in our overall strategy going forward”.

Previously, the company arranged trainings through Academy. The new learning management system complements the existing in-person learning format. To strengthen its employee-centric strategy, the executive management team decided to make the trainings more widely available to staff. With Bridge, employees can select the trainings and certifications that interest them most, and complete the coursework when it suits them.

“With Bridge, our employees’ development and learning are in their own hands. With this digital tool, they can do the trainings they need whenever they can and wherever they are. This plays into the positive work-life balance we promote at Packimpex Ltd. and it lets employees go at their own speed”, Damian Aebischer said.

Bridge is a modern solution that gives employees the flexibility to complete courses on their own schedule. Some trainings are compulsory. The courses are available in a wide range of formats including presentations, videos, screencasts, webinars and quizzes, and the content is produced by subject experts from the relocation and global mobility industry.

Packimpex Ltd. is confident that with Bridge, employees at every level and in every department will feel empowered to advance their career by exploring the various facets of our quickly-advancing industry.