Packimpex reduces carbon footprint with hybrid vehicles

by Packimpex on 5 September 2019

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Eight new clean energy cars complete the fleet

In 2011, Packimpex became completely CO2-neutral – eight years later, the company continues its commitment to sustainable development by upgrading its vehicle fleet with new hybrid models that employees can use to travel to appointments with transferees and partners.

“We were looking for a modern and environmentally friendly means of transport for our vehicle pool. Our ideal solution was a car with both lower CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption”, said Packimpex CFO Reto Bertschy.

Making the move to hybrid vehicles is only one of many actions Packimpex has taken for the benefit of the environment. Over the past five years, it has reduced the consumption of water and energy per capita in its offices by an average of 5% annual. It also supports carbon neutrality projects every year – for the past two years, it has supported a wind turbine project in India, which also promotes social and environmental programmes in the north-western region.

“We recognise that as a relocation service provider, we have an impact on the environment. That is why we find it important to support carbon neutrality projects that are beyond our industry and community”, said Packimpex CEO Damian Aebischer after announcing Packimpex’s support of the windpark project earlier this year.

Additionally, Packimpex has an internal team of “Green Ambassadors” who transform their coworkers’ suggestions for sustainable actions into real solutions that can be implemented in their office spaces throughout Switzerland. Workshops with employees have led to actual changes that help the company reduce waste and protect the planet.