Packimpex rides for the planet during the “bike to work” campaign

by Packimpex on 2 July 2019

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Thanks to the “bike to work” teams, Packimpex saved ½ a tonne of CO2 in May

For the second year, Packimpex participated in the “bike to work” campaign – the biggest health promotion and biking challenge in Switzerland – in May. The company was represented by its offices in Basel, Thörishaus and Vevey. Despite the unfavourable weather this year, the participating teams biked to work on 73% of the challenge days. In total, 2,270 kilometres were covered by six teams and together they saved half a tonne of CO2! Those who biked on at least half of their work days will take part in the draw for prizes worth a total of CHF 110,000.

On a national scale, over 15 million kilometres were covered by 18,806 teams and 71,661 participants. Packimpex was just one of 2,397 companies involved in saving 2,227 tonnes of CO2.

“Bike to work” is a project of Pro Velo Switzerland and has established itself as a simple and effective health promotion campaign for small and large companies alike. The campaign is reflective of Packimpex’s interest in sustainable and clean energy and empowers our employees to help advance our business while taking care of themselves, their colleagues and the environment.

Congratulations and thank you to all the bikers who participated in the challenge this year!