Packimpex welcomes students for National Future Day on 12 November

by Packimpex on 19 October 2020

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Explore a career as a global mobility marketeer, relocation consultant or innovation specialist

On 12 November, Packimpex will be participating in Swiss National Future Day (“Nationaler Zukunftstag”, Futur en tous genres” or “Nuovo Futuro”), an initiative that we have proudly supported for the past several years. This year marks a milestone for the project – for 20 years, it has helped schoolchildren in grades 5 to 7 discover different fields of work while gaining experience that they can draw from later on when they make decisions about their career paths. Participating students can either spend the day working with an adult in the workplace or they can participate in a special project.

This year, the special project involves encouraging students to break away from gender-stereotype jobs; such as a day as a carpenter, a day as an electrician or a day as a computer scientist for girls, and a day as a florist, a day as a nurse or a day as a hairdresser for boys. Even if the distribution of roles is more balanced today, if a young person chooses an “atypical” profession, they need above-average courage and confidence to make their decision a reality.

Last year, we welcomed the niece of Relocation Consultant Conrad Meister. She joined her Uncle Coni at Packimpex on National Future Day and helped him with various everyday activities including getting the keys to an apartment, welcoming a new expat to Switzerland and completing some administrative work at the Packimpex office in Zug. In her review for school, she wrote that though she enjoyed the experience, she thinks she would prefer a job with a bit more action. However, she also said that she is looking forward to the next National Future Day. Will she join her Uncle Coni at Packimpex again this year?

If you know a student between grades 5 and 7 who is interested in exploring a career in global mobility, feel free to get in touch and register them for National Future Day on 12 November.

Please contact: Madeleine Khunou