Packimpex wins an Altair Super Star Award for its green initiatives

by Packimpex on 17 October 2019

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Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise waste were recognised on a world stage

Yesterday, on the first day of the 2019 Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium, Packimpex was awarded “Altair’s 2019 Super Star Award for Environmental Consciousness” for its activities related to reducing the company’s and its employees’ carbon footprints.

Altair’s President and Chief Operating Officer Kathryn Cassidy presented the award to Packimpex’s Director of Retail Business Michael Tomsett. Michael said: “Packimpex and its employees have been very dedicated to making changes in the office to reduce their carbon footprint. As an international relocation company, we understand that our activities have an impact on the health of the planet. All of us at Packimpex are committed to offsetting this environmental impact and we hope that Altair’s generous recognition of our efforts will inspire other companies in our industry to do the same”.

Altair said: “We recognise that our supplier partners make significant impact in the areas of sustainability, humanitarianism and innovation, and in our broader initiative to acknowledge our suppliers’ outstanding achievements, we gratefully recognise Packimpex”.

Sustainable developments have long been a part of Packimpex’s involvements. For the past two years, we have supported a wind park project in India. Closer to home we upgraded our fleet of vehicles to include more hybrid models, we made an e-bike available for our team in Vevey, we participated in Switzerland’s Bike to Work campaign for the second time, and there are “Green Ambassadors” in each of our offices to help us identify ways in which we can reduce waste and shrink our carbon footprint.