Packimpex zips through Vevey with a new e-bike

by Packimpex on 20 September 2019

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The team in Vevey takes advantage of efficient, eco-friendly transportation

Continuing the theme of minimising waste and taking actions to benefit the environment, Packimpex recently acquired an e-bike for its team in Vevey. Throughout the summer, the team members in Vevey have used the e-bike to accomplish everyday tasks and attend meetings with local clients.

The e-bike has benefitted Packimpex Vevey’s housing and destination services teams, which manage a corporate apartment pool and destination services for a major international company in the area. The e-bike allows them to quickly travel to the apartments for handovers and handbacks with tenants.

The bike is parked in the building, so employees have direct access to it. By using the bike, they save time and money because they do not have to find a parking spot. Additionally, they save time by avoiding traffic, they add some light activity to their workday, and they protect the environment by using an eco-friendly transportation method.

Our employees in Vevey work with corporate and private customers to manage relocations to and from Switzerland, including helping them find suitable homes and schools, securing temporary furniture or accommodation for them.

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