Rent temporary home office furniture from Packimpex

by Packimpex on 16 April 2020

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Improve employee’s comfort and efficiency with the right equipment and technology

For many, the past month has seen the lines between work and private life completely blurred. There is no doubt of the advantages and flexibility that working from home offers, but proper equipment and furniture is an absolute necessity.

Relocation services provider Packimpex has made its “Home Office Packages” available to companies and individuals who need to rent ergonomic stools, sitting/standing desk solutions and tech equipment. Our Home Office Packages meet the challenges of employees lacking the necessary infrastructure in their apartment and who find themselves spending full days in a chair that is not suitable for an office job.

The rentable Home Office Packages help employees work more efficiently from home. Our attractive and modular kits start from CHF 20 per month and can include :

  • Ergonomic sit/stand chair/stool
  • Ergonomic sit/stand desk solution
  • Modern and interconnectable desktop screens
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard

The equipment and furniture can be installed at your employee’s home in a matter of 2 business days*. Packages are rented on a monthly basis, and Packimpex can easily pick up the rented furniture or equipment when employees leave the country or return to the office. Alternatively, the rented items are available for purchase if you or your employees would like to keep them.

For more information about package prices, availability and delivery, let us know when we should give you a call.


*subject to availability of stock