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by Packimpex on 16 July 2019

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Findings from the Swiss Housing Market Report highlight the need for temporary accommodation options

With the release of the 2019 Packimpex Swiss Housing Market Report, new data was presented that highlighted the cities with the most expensive and most affordable rental prices. One of the most important overarching findings, however, is that the vacancy rate in Switzerland is very low at 1.45% – the average rate of a healthy housing market is roughly 5%. What this means for individuals and families moving to Switzerland or companies relocating employees to Switzerland is that they have to pay a high rental fee because of the lack of availability of properties throughout Switzerland’s major regions.

Packimpex has three solutions that can help businesses save money when it comes to finding suitable short- or long-term housing.

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Furnished apartments

From apart-hotels to serviced furnished apartments, we can source and present a list of options available through our own network of local providers and contacts. These accommodations are available on a short- or long-term basis. With this service, you can ensure that you are getting the best price possible with no hassle. Packimpex Relocation Consultants are also available to accompany transferees to property visits.

According to the 2019 Packimpex Swiss Housing Market Report: “Furnished apartments are one of the most cost-effective solutions for housing transferees on medium- to long-term assignments”.


Corporate apartment pool

Corporate apartments seem to be a sound solution for many, if not all, of the relocation challenges posed in the 2019 Packimpex Swiss Housing Market Report.

As stated in the 2019 Packimpex Swiss Housing Market Report: “A pool of furnished apartments for long- and short-term relocations could ensure that rental prices are unaffected by increases even in popular metropolitan areas and that your company has apartments available throughout Switzerland”.

Packimpex’s innovative approach involves:

  • sourcing and furnishing a core pool of long-term apartments
  • maximising the occupancy rate
  • sourcing third-party short-term apartments when the core pool is full

We help you save money by continuously optimising your apartment pool. By letting Packimpex take care of your corporate housing, you can free up your time to focus on your core business. Packimpex also serves as your single point of contact for bookings, cost controlling, expense monitoring, invoicing, reporting and more.

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Rental furniture

The rental furniture service is an excellent choice for transferees whose shipment of household goods arrives after or leaves before them. is an excellent choice for transferees whose shipment of household goods arrives before or leaves after them. Rental furniture can be booked as room packages, so they only use what they need. This modular option can be booked by the transferees themselves or by the HR professionals responsible for their relocation and it offers an alternative to shipping household goods to (and from) Switzerland.

In combination with corporate housing, rental furniture allows businesses to use furniture on a short-term basis with a corporate apartment pool that fluctuates depending on the number of transferees. Furniture can be rented on a week-by-week basis, so your company won’t need to waste money on purchasing furniture that sits unused. With Packimpex as your partner, your apartment pool will be constantly optimised and rental furniture will be booked according to real-time needs.

Rental furniture packages can be booked online and combined to suit individual needs.

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