Spring has sprung!

by Packimpex on 20 March 2019

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Packimpex celebrates the start of spring by giving olive trees to partners and customers

As spring gently arrives in Switzerland, we can’t help but think how wonderful Mother Nature is. Sustainability is one of our most important values and we aim to ensure the planet is healthy for future generations. Since 2011, Packimpex has been completely carbon neutral. In our ongoing pursuit of reducing our environmental impact our employees led workshops to encourage their co-workers to come up with ideas for how we could implement “minimal waste” initiatives in our offices, and how they could make changes in their private lives as well. The outcome was very impressive and as a company, we are proud of how enthusiastic Packimpex employees are about making changes that positively impact the environment.

In past years, we gave our customers and partners a bouquet of flowers to signify the start of this new season. This year we decided to do something different – instead of flowers, everyone received an olive tree, which is a more sustainable choice and serves as a reminder to love the earth and treat it kindly as we enjoy the beauty that spring presents.

Stay tuned for more updates on our minimal waste activities and initiatives!