New Packimpex report shows broad picture of Swiss housing market

by Packimpex on 17 June 2019

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Data, insights and information for Mobility Managers and companies relocating employees

For a comprehensive view of the Swiss housing market for 2019 and beyond, look no further than the Packimpex Swiss Housing Market Report 2019. Packimpex released the report on 18 Mai 2019 for free and Mobility Managers, HR professionals and executive managers of companies around the world have downloaded it for free. In addition to data and insights into the housing market for furnished and unfurnished rental properties in Switzerland’s most metropolitan areas, the report presents cost comparisons between cities and serves as a guide for assessing housing allowances for short- and long-term assignments.

The Packimpex Swiss Housing Market Report 2019 also highlights the characteristics of the housing market, which is helpful information for companies who are considering relocating teams, departments or their entire company to Switzerland. Apartment living is favoured, and unlike most European countries, the Swiss prefer renting to buying. Although there are variations between cities and cantons, our expert consultants are confident that the coming years will exhibit steady rental availability. However, there have been fluctuations in rental prices, with properties in the lower end rising steadily.

A primary indicator of the strength of the property market is the vacancy rate – this, too, varies depending on cities and cantons. The average vacancy rate in healthy markets is 5% – in the US, it is currently 6.8%, and in Switzerland it is 1.45% overall but even lower in major cities.

In the report, you can learn even more about this vacancy rate and the impact it has on the overall housing market. You can also read about proposed solutions to securing properties and avoiding fluctuating rental prices and vacancy rates: corporate housing. Packimpex has extensive experience managing corporate apartment pools and can help your business source and oversee a pool of apartments that suit your relocation needs. You can also use the report as a tool when assessing housing allowances in order to ensure that transferees receive enough financial support to find a suitable property in an area with the “essentials”.

> Learn more by downloading the report for free