Switzerland named #1 destination for expats

by Packimpex on 5 July 2019

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Excellent quality of life, impressive salaries and swift career progression make Switzerland the top destination to live and work

According to the latest HSBC Expat Explorer report , Switzerland offers “the complete expat package” and has jumped from eighth to first place in the rankings in front of Singapore, Canada, Spain and New Zealand. Since 2011, our home country has ranked in the top 10 but this is its first time in the top spot.

The seven-place jump this year has to do with the fact that 82% of expats in Switzerland have seen their quality of life improve after relocating from their home country. The breath-taking views and low pollution levels have a huge impact on their positive reviews. Seventy per cent note cleaner and more pleasant surroundings than they were used to at home – much higher than the average of 40% expats saying the same about other countries. Switzerland is also well-liked for its safety and low crime rates – two-thirds of expats to feel more secure here than in their home country.

When it comes to finances, 71% of expats report a higher level of disposable income and the average expat salary is $111,587 – in comparison, the global mean is $75,966. Around the world, almost half of expats are concerned about their country’s economic situation. In Switzerland, only 20% of expats have such reservations.

Where other specific aspects are concerned, however, such as work-life balance, Switzerland 16th. For “ease of settling in,” the country falls lower on the table, to 24th, and even lower in terms of “cultural, open and welcoming communities” (28th).

Despite these areas for improvement, Switzerland was able to knock Singapore off the podium. The Asian country is considered the best destination for expats with children. In third place is Canada, where expats enjoy a high quality of life at a lower cost of living. Spain, in fourth place, also boasts a high quality of life – so much so that it moved up ten places. New Zealand is known among expats for an accommodating work-life balance, with 69% noting an improvement compared to their home country.

The 2019 Expat Explorer survey is completed by 18,059 expats around the world and the rankings are calculated using responses to 27 of the questions asked in the research that took place in March and April 2019.

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