Three mottos for home-finding support

by Packimpex on 26 September 2018

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New services are now available in our Relocation Store

With the launch of our Relocation Store, we have also introduced three new service profiles for relocations to and from Switzerland.

You can select the Superhero, the Team Player or the VIP when creating your Instant Quote for an arrival or departure. With these three profiles, we make it easier for you to choose the service that is best for you and your situation. With varying levels of involvement on your part and from your personal Packimpex Relocation Consultant, the three profiles suit a range of needs, local language skills, and experience, so whether you feel comfortable assessing the housing marketing options on your own or want support with arranging repairs appointments, you’ll find an option that works for you.


The Superhero

“All good superheroes need their sidekick”

This option is ideal for people who want to handle the home search on their own, but want a bit of guidance and/or support from a professional. What a Relocation Consultant, or in this case, “sidekick”, would provide is communication in the local language, experience with and knowledge of rental contract practice, access to an excellent network and expertise to ensure a smooth property handover.


The Team Player

“Let’s work together to get the home you really want”

This arrivals option gives you the freedom to research and visit property options with the added benefit of leaving the appointment scheduling and rental applications to Packimpex. The Relocation Consultant gives their feedback on the property advertisements that you are interested in and will also attend the property handover.



“Leave it to us to find your perfect home”

For those who want support with everything from A to Z, we have the VIP service. The VIP arrival service is all-inclusive, meaning that your involvement is kept to a minimum – everything from research to home viewings is done by a Relocation Consultant.

Superheroes, Team Players and VIPs – Packimpex is happy to relocate them all! You can find more details about these services and add them to your Instant Quote in our Relocation Store. We also offer the same service levels for departures from Switzerland.

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