Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to move with Packimpex?

Every move is unique, and the pricing of a move depends on several factors: volume of the shipment, destination, services needed, time required, and any special items that your transferee wants to move. Because of this, Packimpex recommends a pre-move survey which allows us to estimate the volume and learn about any of your transferee’s special requirements. You can also generate a move quote – tailored to fit the needs of you and your transferee – in a matter of minutes to choose exactly the services you need and find out how much the relocation will cost.

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How can we be sure to select a quality moving company?

There are big differences with regards to the services offered by different moving companies. A good indication of a quality moving company is the competence of the surveyor who completes your transferee’s pre-move survey. You can also judge the quality of a moving company by the responsiveness of the company; if you have to wait more than a week for your quote or if the company is not a member of the national and international association of moving companies (VSU and FIDI), be careful. Ask for their claim ratio and customer satisfaction level. Packimpex can give you a free, transparent quote within minutes, we are a member of several associations, including VSU and FIDI, and we have the lowest claim ratio and the highest customer satisfaction rating in Switzerland.

Does Packimpex provide moving insurance and is it included in the quote?

Yes, Packimpex offers two kinds of transportation insurance for your transferees’ household goods: basic coverage and all risk coverage. Basic coverage is obligatory and all risk coverage is optional. Our rates are low and transparent and you can see exactly how much our insurance options cost when you create your Instant Quote in our Relocation Store. Packimpex strongly recommends that our corporate clients select the all risk transportation insurance because in addition to the coverage of loss and damage as a result of specified accidents, any risk that occurs during packing, unpacking, transportation and assembling is also included. The benefit for corporate clients is that they can ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation for their transferees and avoid issues if any household goods are damaged or lost.