Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum and maximum period for renting furniture from Packimpex?

There is no minimum or maximum. Your transferee can rent as much furniture as they want, for as long as they need it.

What do I have to pay Packimpex to rent your furniture and use your services?

Our prices are based on weekly rates, discounted according to the length of the rental contract. We offer special discounts for corporate accounts with frequent orders.  

What insurance do I need to cover our transferee’s rented furniture items from Packimpex?

There is a flat rate for the time the furniture is with your transferee. This covers any routine wear and tear of the furniture as well as damages by earthquakes, flooding and fire. There is no coverage for loss or mishandling of any item by the transferee during the rental period.

How long will it take Packimpex to deliver the rented furniture items?

Packimpex will deliver the selected furniture items to any part of Switzerland within two working days of finalising the furniture/utilities order and contract.

Can the furniture be purchased at the end of the rental term?

Yes, the furniture can be purchased at the end of the rental period. Your transferee may request a quotation from our consultants at any time, before, during or at the end of the rental term. The longer the rental period, the lower the purchase price will be.

Can the furniture be previewed in person before closing the contract with Packimpex?

Our storage warehouse is located in Thörishaus, Berne. You may view our furniture during normal office hours. We recommend that you make an appointment.

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How long has Packimpex been offering its furniture rental services in Switzerland?

Our furniture rental program started in 2003 as an invaluable service for expats moving to and from Switzerland. Today, we offer a comprehensive furniture rental service throughout Switzerland to anyone needing to rent furniture.