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The most important steps in relocating to Switzerland

In this series of videos, we address some of the most challenging aspects of relocating to Switzerland. We strongly recommend watching each video at least once so you know what to expect at each step of the relocation journey.

  • Relocating to Switzerland

    This short video will present you with an overview of the most important topics to consider before making the decision to move to Switzerland: immigration, accommodation, transferring your drivers license, and more.
  • Renting a property in Switzerland

    The Swiss rental market is competitive as the vacancy rate throughout the country is very low, especially in major cities. In this video, you will find out how much to budget for rent and what you can expect from apartments.
  • Education and daycare in Switzerland

    In this video, you will receive an introduction to the education and daycare options in Switzerland. We will cover the Swiss curriculum, private and international schools, how to choose the right option, and daycare for young children.

  • Tips for applying to rental properties in Switzerland

    With the tips in this video, you can maximise your chances of getting the property that you want. There are also various steps you must take before and after you sign your contract. This overview will help you get organised.
  • Tenant responsibilities in Switzerland

    As someone renting a property in Switzerland, you will benefit from strong tenant protection. This video will cover your responsibilities as a tenant, including maintenance, keeping the landlord informed and paying rent on time.
  • Banking and internet connections in Switzerland

    Getting connected after relocating to Switzerland will help you feel at home right away. In this video, we’ll cover how you can set up your bank and mobile accounts and what you need to do to receive a Swiss driver’s license.

  • Insurance requirements in Switzerland

    In this video, we break down insurance in Switzerland so you know exactly what is required and what is optional. You will need to sign up for basic health insurance three months after arriving in the country.
  • Swiss culture 101

    Learn about Swiss culture before you arrive so you are already familiar with customs and social norms when you start meeting your first friends. This “introduction to Switzerland” will give you helpful background information.
  • Discovering Switzerland in winter and summer

    In Switzerland, there are many different activities that you and your family can participate in during the winter and summer. This video explores all the options that are available to you when you move to Switzerland.

  • Handing back your apartment in Switzerland

    From basic maintenance and thoroughly cleaning every room, there are a few things you are responsible for when handing back your apartment. In this video you’ll find out what you need to do before returning your keys.