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Packimpex guarantees business continuity to the greatest extent possible during these unprecedented circumstances.

It’s no secret that Coronavirus has uprooted our everyday life in ways that have never been seen before. We recognise that it’s had a significant impact on our customers who manage relocating transferees, or who are relocating themselves. We assure you that we are doing everything we can to continuously provide you with quality customer service. Our services are being delivered to the greatest extent possible with consideration to the circumstances and measurements put in place by governments in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

Early on in the pandemic, Packimpex established an internal COVID-19 task force. Made up of people from different branches of the business, it regularly assesses our organisation’s needs and risks during this time. The safety of our employees comes first – by protecting them, we can also ensure that our business offerings run smoothly.

With the support of our employees and following the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health of the Swiss Confederation (BAG/OFSP), we have been able to implement a flexible working solution. This ensures that we consistently have enough staff to deliver the authorised services to you and your transferees.

COVID-19 updates from Packimpex: Current situation in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.



For up-to-date information about international travel, we suggest referring to the WHO.

As the international situation is changing frequently, requests for international moving services will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Current situation in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands

If you require detailed information about the latest guidelines and phases established by the Office of Public Health in our markets, we recommend referring to:


The helpline numbers of Switzerland’s official authorities are:

For residents: 0041 58 463 0000
For travellers: 0041 58 464 4499



The Netherlands

The helpline numbers of The Netherlands official authorities are:

Calling from The Netherlands: 0800 1351
Calling from outside The Netherlands: 0031 20 205 1351

For travellers: 0041 58 464 4499

Contact Packimpex

Contact Packimpex

Please contact us if you have any specific concerns regarding the current situation, our services or our ability to work with you and your colleagues in the weeks and months ahead.

We are here to help with your individual situation


Relocation to Switzerland: frequently asked questions

Arriving in Switzerland / Finding a home

Will you provide me with masks and disinfectant, or do I need to bring these myself at property viewings?
We do recommend that you bring your own mask. If this isn’t possible, just let us know in advance.


How does the consultant accompany the handover of my apartment to the landlord during the pandemic?
The consultant will meet you in front of the property and will wear a mask during the handover if necessary and if social distancing is not possible.


Can I skip the property handover and have the consultant do it on my behalf?
Yes, of course! We are pleased to do the handover on your behalf, but please keep in mind that it is quite helpful to join, as you will get some more details about handling your property. In case you won’t be able to join, please be aware that we would need Power of Attorney to act on your behalf.


Can I skip the property handback and have the consultant do it on my behalf?
See above – as with property handovers, we can take care of the handback for you if we have Power of Attorney.


Are rental prices lower due to the current situation?
No, rental prices have not changed because of the COVID-19 situation.


Is the pre-exit inspection of my apartment done physically or virtually?
This depends on your needs. We are pleased to offer both options.


If I have to leave Switzerland, can I request an early termination of my lease without having to find a new tenant?
COVID-19 is not a condition or circumstance that can be used to terminate a lease contract in advance. Terms and conditions must still be followed during this time.


Are your Relocation Consultants and moving crews being regularly tested for COVID-19?
No, but they are following all the measures established by the Swiss government.


Can I get a discount if I book my move now and have it organised later?
We always try to offer the best solution in terms of service and price. Your Sales Adviser will inform you of your best options.


What if I book my moving service but the travel restrictions are not lifted yet – can I reschedule the moving date without any additional costs?
We always try to be as flexible as possible and offer rescheduling possibilities free of charge. If we have to make a definitive and non-refundable booking (container, truck, etc.) for your relocation, we will let you know in advance.


Will the surveyor come to my home for the survey or do you offer surveys over Skype / Whatsapp?
We offer our surveys free of charge over Whatsapp or Skype. This method has proven to be very effective. If your circumstances do not allow to have a virtual survey, please contact your Sales Adviser to find another solution.


Will the moving crew disinfect all the furniture after delivery?
The moving crew will follow all health measures set by the government. Our crews will not disinfect the furniture upon delivery. Exceptions can be made, but this will be assessed only in special circumstances. Our temporary furniture is cleaned thoroughly after every pickup.


Are your moving crews larger than five people?
Currently, the moving crews are not larger than five people. Moving crews might ask the truck driver for extra support, but the driver would not be entering your property.


Are your Relocation Consultants and moving crews being regularly tested for COVID-19?
Unless one of our crew members is considered a high risk for COVID-19, we follow the advice of the Federal Council not to test but to take all necessary precautions into consideration (social distancing, personal protection equipment, disinfection, etc.).


Is it possible to register and de-register with the immigration office online?
When moving to Switzerland from abroad, registrations need to be completed on site. While some cantons and cities in Switzerland do offer online de-registration, this is not commonly practiced and in most cases on-site de-registration will be required.


When are the immigration offices re-opening?
As of June 8, new applications of EU/Schengen nationals will be handled again. There has not yet been any indication as to when applications from non-Schengen areas will be possible again on a broader scale. For certain categories of people, exceptions may already apply. We recommend checking out the immigration news from our immigration partner, BDO.

Settling in

If I order a car from one of your partners, will the car be disinfected when delivered?
The exterior and interior of cars ordered through our partners are thoroughly cleaned and are additionally disinfected to ensure they are as safe and clean as possible. Some partners use disposable protection kits for the seat, steering wheel and gear lever. During the delivery, the driver will wear a mask and gloves, keep their distance, and disinfect the parts of the car that they have come into contact with.


Can I attend language courses in a classroom during the pandemic?
Yes, this is possible with certain limitations. There is a maximum group size of four students allowed per class.


Are COVID-19 test kits easily available in Switzerland in case I feel sick?
Switzerland currently has sufficient tests available and is one of the countries with the highest test rate per capita. In fact, it is also the safest country in the world in terms of the Coronavirus, according to the non-profit Deep Knowledge Group study.


Are masks available in Switzerland or is there a shortage?
Currently there is no shortage of masks in Switzerland. Masks are available in pharmacies, supermarkets and online shops.


Is it safe to use public transportation in Switzerland?
The Swiss government has lifted restrictions on use of public transportation in Switzerland. It is recommended to wear a mask and to keep a distance of two metres from other passengers if possible. In fact, Switzerland is also the safest country in the world in terms of the Coronavirus, according to the non-profit Deep Knowledge Group study.


When arriving in Switzerland, do I need to report if I have previously tested positive and fully recovered from COVID-19?
No such requirement is in place at the moment.