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What are Destination Services and why they matter

When relocating to Switzerland, the move is often the easiest part. What matters most is getting your employees settled in and feel at home. That's where our Destination Services come in.

Switzerland, different from European countries, has its very own way of doing things when it comes to housing, childcare or healthcare. Our Destination Services cover all the important needs your employees have after landing in Switzerland: we'll find a home for them thanks to our vast local real estate network, we'll advise on the best schools for their children, we'll get their bank account, insurances and telecoms organised quickly and efficiently. And when your transferees leave Switzerland, you don't have to worry about a thing: we'll organise their departure from Switzerland just as quickly and efficiently as their arrival, so there are no loose ends left behind.

Discover our full range of Destination Services below.

Home finding support

Home Finding Support

Finding a home to rent in Switzerland is extremely difficult for most expats, especially in larger cities like Zurich, Basel or Geneva. Thanks to their solid local expertise and excellent real estate network, Packimpex relocation consultants guarantee a positive outcome to any housing search. From selecting apartments to organizing viewings or filing applications on our client’s behalf, find out how we will help your employees secure the best possible home in Switzerland.

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Orientation tours in Switzerland can be virtual

Assistance with settling in

We’ll handle your assignees’ registration, bank account opening,
insurance and telecom set up with top efficiency and in a matter of days.

To support your relocating employees and answer all the numerous questions
they will have at the beginning of the assignment, we’ve also created a series of videos covering in a simple and easy way all the major topics of interest when relocating to Switzerland. If your transferees have questions about anything related to their relocation, they can always book a Free Guidance Call and talk to one of our consultants, via our partner, Hello Switzerland.

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Woman arriving at airport

Arrival services

Your assignees will be in the best of hands and feel at home as soon
as they touch down in Switzerland.

Our arrival services include: airport pick up and transfer,
temporary accommodation (including quarantine accommodation arrangements
if needed), home finding and even furniture rental.

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Children outdoors in Switzerland

Education and childcare

For families who are relocating, finding the right school or childcare solution will determine the success of the assignment.

Our team includes specialized education consultants who will expertly profile your assignees and suggest the best schooling options.

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Pre-arrival Orientation Tour

Pre-arrival Orientation Tour

First impressions make or break an assignment. Our comprehensive Orientation Tours are tailored to the needs of each assignee and include only what’s relevant.

We aim to offer a complete picture of what it means to live in Switzerland,
without being overwhelming. We also aim to offer our clients a positive and
realistic image of their future in Switzerland, while addressing all their concerns.

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Man leaving from airport

Departure Services

Leaving Switzerland is a race against time and a logistical roller coaster.
From ending utilities and various contracts, handling the apartment cleaning and repairs, deregistering from the local commune and other authorities, finding a new tenant or getting their rental deposit back – your assignees will find departure from Switzerland overwhelming.

Find out how we make sure their departure is just as smooth as their arrival.

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