Frequently Asked Questions

I have so many things to think about and new things come up every day! Where do I start?

Getting your priorities right is the biggest worry when you are relocating. While Packimpex will not influence any of your decisions, our role is to give you all the information you need to enable you to make the right choices about which home, which location and which school are right for you and your family, and we will give you an idea of a timeline.

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Who will be helping me through my relocation?

Our objective is to give you one single point of contact for all your destination services. Nothing can replace the touch of a personal contact during the stressful relocation process. This personal touch enables us to address any and all of your concerns, which are not always easy to explain on a basic needs assessment form.

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Our company is relocating and I am not sure whether my family will be happy in Switzerland.

Packimpex offers a free relocation planning call. It is designed to answer any questions that you might have about your relocation. During this free relocation planning call, we can address any concerns you might have, such as finding a home, searching for a school or other topics.

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I live in a 400m² house on four acres of land. Will I find something similar?

Switzerland is a country where “small is beautiful”. While relocating, people tend to focus on what they will miss from their home country. By choosing Packimpex as your relocation specialist, we hope that you can also focus on what you will be gaining from the change of environment – Switzerland has a lot to offer! 

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