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Expert departure support services

Leave Switzerland hassle-free

Are you preparing to move out? Are you concerned about paying for repairs you’re not liable for? And of course, you want the best chance of getting your rental deposit back!

Between ending utilities and insurance contracts, handling the end cleaning of your apartment, selling your vehicle, deregistering from schools and other authorities – leaving Switzerland is a race against time and a logistical roller coaster.

The team of relocation experts at Packimpex will take the stress out of your departure, eliminate language barriers and, most importantly, make sure you avoid potential pitfalls.

In the last ten years alone, we have helped over 8,000 customers move out of their property with peace of mind.

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What do we mean by Departure Support

This is what our relocation experts will do to make sure you leave Switzerland hassle free:

  • Terminate your lease contract
  • Conduct a thorough pre-exit inspection
  • Arrange the end cleaning of your apartment
  • Accompany you at the apartment hand-back
  • Maximize your chances of getting your deposit back
  • Deregister on time from all necessary authorities
  • Handle repairs
  • Help finding new tenants

Choose the amount of support you need You can either entrust your entire departure process to our relocation consultants or you might decide you need only some of our expertise.
Depending on the amount of support you need, you can choose between any of the packages below:

  • Superhero

  • You want to be in charge of your departure relocation and organize everything yourself.
  • We’ll let you know exactly what you need to do when you leave your apartment and support you with requesting quotes for various repairs.
  • Teamplayer
  • You want to be in charge, but with the help of a professional relocation consultant.
  • Your relocation consultant will keep a watchful eye, train you on what to look out for, and accompany you to the hand-back to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • VIP
  • You want to kick up your feet and relax, while our departure support experts are busy
  • Your relocation consultant will do everything that is required to make sure you leave no loose ends behind. Your time involvement is reduced to a minimum.
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Relocate with the best

This is what you can count on when you relocate with Packimpex

When you choose Packimpex, you can be sure that your relocation will be carefully planned and masterfully executed by experts.

Swiss Relocation Market Leader

Established in Switzerland in 1977, Packimpex is Switzerland’s relocation market leader and the most awarded international relocation company.

Extensive Relocation Experience

Packimpex has over 40 years’ experience in relocation, handling on average about 4000 relocations per year.

Our relocation consultants possess a wealth of knowledge that will save you time and effort, as we anticipate any packing, transport or customs issues.

Oustanding Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction rate, as 99% of our customers say they would relocate again with Packimpex.

Green Conscience

Environmental impact and sustainable development are a top concern at Packimpex. Since 2012, we compensated annual CO₂ emissions by supporting environmental conservation projects around the world. We were the first relocation company ever to achieve CO₂ neutrality in 2011.

Our Values

‘If you thought all the bureaucracy of arriving in Switzerland is a lot, just wait until you’re thinking about leaving Switzerland. My Packimpex consultant was a real-life saver. They advertised the apartment, scheduled viewings, selected tenants - all this while I was already back home'

Chin, 45 years old

Switzerland to USA

‘Our consultant carried out something called a pre-exit inspection where he explained what hick-ups we should expect and what potential costs should arise. This was great, it prepared us for the hand back of the apartment: there were no last minute surprises at the hand back and no discussions'

Kostas, 36 years old

Geneva to Zurich