European Relocation Trends

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Want to know what the future holds in store for the relocation industry and everyone that relies on it, from movers and partners to HR managers and transferees? Our in-depth look at the emerging European trends in relocation will give you a bird’s-eye-view over everything that matters.

The European Relocation Trends 2021 whitepaper is designed to help you demand and receive better relocation services, understand your transferees’ needs, and learn how to adjust your budgets in the following years.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the relocation industry. 
In many ways, it has pushed forward developments that would otherwise have been years away. Learn how to leverage the trends, prepare for what’s coming, and optimise your budgets.

Packimpex offers a full range of destination services, temporary living services, corporate apartment management, visa and immigration services, and coordination of household goods moves.

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Get a 360-degree view over 
the European relocation industry and actionable insights

for 2021 and beyond:

Learn what to expect even when the unexpected happens

Plan for the future and adjust your budgets accordingly

Why do you need this whitepaper?

  • Understand what type of services to ask for from your relocation provider.

  • Get a better idea of what your transferees need, even before they agree to the assignment and long after they have arrived at their destination.

  • Understand the current challenges of the relocation industry, from destination support to the decrease in short-term assignments, and how you can address them early on.

  • Optimize your relocation costs, irrespective of how many transferees you relocate each year.
Download your copy for free

Get a sneak peek of what’s inside:

Download your copy for free
  • How the global pandemic reshaped the relocation industry. 
  • What the emerging relocation trends that will stay with us for years to come are. Current relocation challenges and how to adapt to them. 
  • How relocation service providers can effectively support HR professionals and global talent acquisition teams in moving their transferees. 
  • New technologies used in relocation and how they can help you. How to ensure a seamless communication flow between stakeholders. 
  • Digital security: how safe is your data? An expert outlook for the years ahead: 
    insights from Packimpex’s experts.